Sunday, 31 July 2016

Bob On... Theatre: The Play That Goes Wrong: Review

The Play That Goes Wrong is supposedly performed by an AmDram company, who (they believe) have finally found a production within their scope.

They could not be more wrong. One disaster follows another, with hilarious after-effects.

The first half is where the most gut-achingly funny gags occur, as props fail, lines go wrong actors have mishaps, all leading towards (and often combining to create) even bigger gags and laughs. There were times I was in genuine pain; struggling to get my breath and just wanting a gap in the action to regain my composure. And failing completely.

The second half is perhaps not as funny as the first, being more reliant on physical comedy. It is also the home of the one joke that falls flat (mainly through over-repetition). Don’t get me wrong, it is still laugh out loud funny, but just not at the level that makes you feel your inside is going to burst like the first. Though there is a trick performed in this half that I have no idea how they pulled it off.

Two important things: 1. Get there early. There are things going on before the show that you might not realise are going on, but they slip into the show as it develops. Same thing during the interval. 2. Buy a programme. I always get one, but understand others don’t. But in this case, buy one as it joins in with the joke and forms additional jokes that enhance the show!

This show gets rave reviews, and for good reason. If you want a laugh, buy a ticket and go along. You will come out hurting, but for good reason.

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