Sunday, 31 January 2016

Bob On... London: Workers Cafe, Upper Street

Upper Street in Islington is a trendy, happening place. And you can easily end up paying trendy, happening  (i.e. expensive) prices.

So the Workers Cafe is a little oasis.

The menu is a mix of traditional Breakfast fayre, Pizzas and Pasta dishes, plus Burgers. Fish dishes are also on the menu, from traditional Cod and Chips to Sea Bass. A range of specials are served each day - see the board for details.

Prices are reasonable: I had an All Day Breakfast and a beer, my wife had a Penne Carbonara and a coffee. We followed this with a Millionaire's Shortbread and a Chocolate Brownie. It came to £22 (January 2016 prices).

The portions were generous and tasty, service was fast and friendly.

Will definitely eat there again when in the area. Recommended.

Workers Cafe
172 Upper Street
N11 R6

Workers Cafe website

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Bob On... Books: Jill Mansell's Book Launch

Had the pleasure of attending the launch party for Jill Mansell's 27th book 'You and Me, Always', at the HQ of publisher Hachette.

Jill Mansell's Hachette profile

The launch was hugely enjoyable and met up with a number of authors  (and what lovely people they were).

But I have no idea how anyone working at Hachette gets any work done, with views like this from their roof balcony.

We will see about adding a book review, once we've read it!

Friday, 29 January 2016

Bob On... Cats

These days, a Blog isn't a Blog unless it has photos of cats. So here are photos of our two kitties.

This is Blossom

And this is Buster

They're both about four years old, and both rescued.

Blossom was born in the basement of our local church, but found her way out just as we were passing aged about six weeks (her Mum, brothers and sister were rescued shortly after).

Buster found his way to us after being a stray for around two years. He came in the garden one wet day, looking hungry and the worse for wear. We gained his trust and in time we were able to get him to the vet and have him come and live with us.

Bob On... Bob On Stuff

This site is going to cover a wide range of subjects, as they come up.  Mainly motorbikes, books, theatre, London, tales of our cats and food will be the subject matter... but anything else that springs to mind!

Hopefully it will be fun, possibly informative... and fingers crossed something you will come back and see again.

So dip in and enjoy, preferably with a nice warm drink and a biscuit.